Millions of Illinoisans are working together in the fight against Coronavirus by staying at home and following experts' recommendations. These steps have proven social distancing measures effect thus far. The results of these have led to a lower infection rate, fewer hospitalizations, and lower number of fatalities. The curve in Illinois has begun to flatten. The risk of spread still remains, and it is still important that we follow a safe route moving forward in reopening out economy.


Moving Forwarding in Restoring Illinois

Illinois has been following a five-phase plan that will re-open our state. This plan is guided by health metrics and with distinct business, education, and recreation activities characterizing each phase. We are currently in Phase 4 - Revitalization: the rate of infection among those surveillance tested, and the number of patients admitted to the hospital continues to decline. Gatherings of 50 people or fewer are allowed, restaurants and bars reopen, travel resumes, childcare and schools reopen under guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Face coverings and social distancing are the norm.

Until COVID-19 is defeated, the plan also recognized that just as health metrics will tell us it is safe to move forward, health metrics may also tell us to return to a prior phase. IDPH will closely monitor key metrics to identify trends in cases and hospitalizations. There is much more to learn about the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and ways Illinois is staying under the curve. For more information, feel free to visit the CDC's website

What Raymond Chevrolet Has Been Doing 

Chevrolet has always been a loyal brand to not only our customers, but to everyone. We have been responding to this virus the best that we can. We are keeping our facilities clean, supporting our teachers, supporting our military, first responders, and all health care workers by offering them heavily discounted rated on service and cars. On top of this, we are making it a priority to keep our vehicles sanitized and clean. Every vehicle on our lots gets sanitized regularly, even yours after it receives service from us. To ensure you safety, a certificate of application will be filled out and presented to the customer each and every time it has been treated with TRANSFORM patented Antimicrobial Sanitizer. This sanitizer is EPA registered and FDA approved, Child and Pet safe, treats surfaces you and your family touch as well as the vehicle's air vents, and eliminates viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew. 


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