If you need the roomy interior that made minivans popular but hate their look, the Chevy Traverse may be the vehicle you need. It has the comfort of a minivan, spacious second and third row seats. A powerful V-6 engine and a comfortable ride. The Chevy Traverse also has plenty of options, some that will even keep young kids and teenagers occupied on long drives. Visit us, your trusted Chevy dealer to find out more.

Changes to the 2020 Chevy Traverse

The Traverse is not trying to replace minivans. There is no reason to do so since these vehicles are not easy for dealers to sell. However, they do want to give consumers the same comfort and spacious interiors that originally made minivans a top-seller. Chevy has accomplished this and more with the 2020 model.

Choices for exterior paint colors have changed. Some of the least popular ones have been dropped from the list, while Black Cherry was added.

Other new changes in the 2020 Chevy Traverse include an infotainment system and 360 degree cameras. Another helpful, new standard feature is the camera view that makes it easy to hook-up a trailer.

The biggest change for many consumers is the engine. There is only one engine choice, the powerful 3.6 litre V-6 with 310 horsepower. There is plenty of power for towing and the engine is surprisingly quiet. When comparing the Traverse to similar vehicles in its class, it consistently ranks at the "quicker end". You also, on average, get 27 miles per gallon. This also puts it at the "head of its class".

If these changes are enough to make you interested in finding a Traverse for sale near me, you can find the 2020 models at a nearby dealership. Your local Chevy dealer will be more than happy to help.

Comfortable and Spacious

Even if you are hauling a youth soccer team around, you'll have plenty of space without having to buy a minivan. There is plenty of room for up to seven or eight passengers, along with their gear. Up to six carry-on bags can fit behind the third row seats that also fold down for additional storage. Find the Traverse 2020 near me and find out more!

Plenty of Safety Features

Last year's Traverse had a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Transportation Administration. Industry experts do not expect this to change with the 2020 edition. The only downside is that many of these features are optional.

Maintenance Coverage and Warranty

Even though many features are optional, the 2020 Chevy does stand out with its maintenance and warranty coverage. There is one free visit to the dealership for maintenance, along with several warranty packages to choose from.

With six trims to choose from and several available options, many people are asking if there is a Traverse 2020 available locally.

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